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Been to a few Surf camps already? Done all your practice in the white water, tired of surfing with a surf school rash vest on, just looking for a nice place to have a holiday and surf?

If the answer to these questions is yes then maybe the Surfcamp Sri Lanka surf only deal is for you.

Based on the best beach in the area with two Quality reef breaks either side of our beach break we can now offer accommodation with out the surf coaching.

From mid March until the end of May the swell gets a little bigger while the chance of monsoon rain and wind conditions are still minimal.  The main surf school part of Surfcamp Sri Lanka will end and the surf only option will kick off.

The basic deal is the same, breakfast every day with 6 evening meals included in the price.  Local guides to show you around a few spots and surf with just no lessons wake up and go to sleep with the sound of the waves just outside your bedroom window. Spend you hard earned holiday time surfing your brains out relaxing in a cool spot while getting to know new people, yeeehhwwww..

Please email me for price and availability

Happy days everyone

Matt Shears

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