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Thank you for tuning in. Here is a little bit of information, 
some of which you may find on other pages of our web site.

We are Surfcamp Sri lanka the original surfcamp in Ahangama pre dating anything else in the area by at least 10 years, established in 2004. We are owned and run by a combination of locals and europeans.


I started Surfcamp Sri lanka 15 years ago. I was looking to find a way to explore the country its traditions and customs as well as its waves. 

We are not a European owned hotel. We are a grass roots great value for money Surfcamp. Simple clean accommodation directly in front of the beach with 
high class European surf instruction on hand.   

The owners of the guesthouse we stay in, along with the staff who look after us are all locals from the village.

I cannot say we offer the best Surfcamp in the world, or we guarantee you will stand up on your first day or even that we can teach you to surf in 2 weeks! 

These things would all be lies. 


What i can say is we will try our hardset to introduce you to surfing in Sri Lanka in the best possible way. 

Staying with us provides an opportunity to learn to surf as well as experiencing first hand the culture and ways of the Sri lankan people

We have surf literaly on our door step, no loading boards no driving around , no worries. 

Please do have a look around the site and drop us a 
line if you have any questions.  

Best regards  

All at Surfcamp Sri Lanka

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